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Al-Thehran Eye Specialist Hospital: 10 Successful CFEOM Surgeries
09 October 2017
Al-Thehran Eye Specialist Hospital has successfully done 10 type 2 CFEOM surgeries (Congenital Fibrosis of the Extraocular Muscles). As a result,patients' showed considerable improvement, with straight visual position and alignment. Presently, doctors are working on further technology development to secure far better results very soon.
According to the Eastern Health Affairs, CFEOM is n inherited disease that affects the muscles around the eyes. This causes strabismus syndrome. It is mostly common in the Middle East as a result of first-cousin marriages. Patients suffer complex strabismus (eye misalignment) syndromes, ophthalmoplegia (inability to move the eyes) and ptosis (droopy eyelids), thus impairing their straight visual alignment. This in turn has its untold social and psychological effects on patients.
It is not easy to treat this type of CFEOM due to muscle paralysis. Earlier, the only possible treatment was through surgical intervention to improve strabismus and to lift droopy eyelids. Yet, the head of the hospital's Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Division developed a new surgical procedure to treat such syndrome, where the straight extraocular muscle is implanted inside the patient's eye.
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