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Training Courses to Activate School Health Programs and Initiatives
03 October 2017
Today in Riyadh, school health initiatives and programs have launched training courses under the theme (Together to Improve Youth Health), which is jointly organized by the Ministries of Health and Education, in collaboration with the Saudi Health Council (SHC). The course lasts for three days, from 13 to 15/01/1439H., with participation of over 250 professionals from both ministries. Participants are expected to discuss school health strategy, Rashaqa (get in shape) initiative, National Initiative for Prevention of Tooth Caries, Health Mentor, Healthy Canteen and school environment. On its second day, the course targets school health directors, the initiative coordinators from the dental department, school health affairs director-generals and their assistants at education departments to brief them on the dangers of smoking, compliance with vaccinations, as well as the initiative, all related tasks and indicators. The training also targets the initiative coordinators from the dental department to be updated on how to measure caries rates, field service challenges and solutions, and application of fluoride and dental drills.
In the same vein, anti-obesity coordinators from different Health Affairs will elaborate on the field activity, healthy food at school age, obesity causes, complications, prevention, treatment, as well as management of cases referred to primary healthcare centers and School Age Body Mass Index (BMI). Also, on the third day, the course participants will address school health education, tasks and responsibilities of the Health Mentor in school health programs and initiatives, active learning techniques, first aid processes, infectious diseases, and Rashaqa models.

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