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(MOH): Cutting-edge Nuclear Medicine Center Launched in Al-Baha
28 September 2017
Al-Baha Health Affairs announced launching the cutting-edge Nuclear Medicine Center (NMC) at King Fahad Hospital, to secure a perfect medical system at the hospital which incorporates a number of specialized centers, including: the Cardiac Center and the leading Nuclear Medicine Center; making King Fahad Hospital a reference hospital for region's population. 

NMC features various specialized diagnostic and therapeutic radioactive units, a lab for radioactive solutions, appliances that ensure safety for both patients and the medical teams, as well as patient rooms. The Center provides diagnostic services for cancerous tumors with radioactive iodine, osteoporosis, as well as nuclear scan to determine the damage of affected organs, and to follow up patients. The Center features an elite of highly qualified consultants, technicians and physiologists.

The Nuclear Medicine Center (NMC) has obtained its license from King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy (KACARE). The Center is part of the recent developmental plans of Al-Baha Health Affairs to put an end of medication outside the region.

The Center conducts diagnostic checkups with radioactive material, with the help of a nuclear doctor, a technician, and five physiologists; using SPECT CT, as well as a lab for radioactive material preparation. 
The Center provides cardiac workups/renal/orthopedic/ thyroid & parathyroid/gastrointestinal hemorrhage/urethral reflux/gastroesophageal reflux/gallbladder/infections & tumors/brain death confirmation checkups/ lymph node, as well as hyperthyroidism. 




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