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Health Minister Signs Community Partnership Agreement with Al-Eradah Society for Talented Special-Needs Individuals
28 September 2017
Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah has signed today a community partnership agreement with Al-Eradah (Will) Society for Talented Special-Needs Individuals, as part of a series of agreements the Ministry of Health (MOH) plans to conclude with charitable societies and organizations, private companies and businessmen. Through these agreements, MOH aims to open new horizons of partnership between the ministry and all segments of society, in order to achieve a comprehensive health development that should have a positive impact on the health of citizens across the country.   
Under the agreement, the two parties will cooperate in providing health services and medical coordination, based on the principles of social responsibility towards beneficiaries, since the ministry is the official body concerned with providing health services and medical coordination in the Kingdom. Also, since the Society is dedicated to talented special-needs individuals as its primary beneficiary, it seeks to capitalize on MOH’s health services and medical coordination to give them priority to access such health services in hospitals and health centers, to be engaged in special-needs-related community initiatives and programs, and to ensure joint medical coordination in case a special-needs patient receives treatment abroad in accordance with the regulations.
It is noteworthy that the community partnership program is one of MOH's new initiatives, which aim at engaging all components of society to contribute to health development, and opening new horizons of relationship between MOH and society for boosting the citizens' health.

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