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Patient’s Life Saved at Maternity and Children Hospital- Najran
27 September 2017
Maternity and Children Hospital- Najran has successfully saved the life of a patient in her 40s who came to Emergency Department suffering from acute paleness, low blood pressure, accelerated heart rate  (tachycardia) and abdomen swelling. After due medical tests, she was diagnosed with a large hematoma in the transverse ligament extending to the left kidney. Immediately she was admitted to the operating room where medical team performed abdominal exploration procedure and managed to control the bleeding. However, due to the size of the hematoma and to avoid further bleeding, they placed a padding inside the abdomen before closing it. Also, they gave her red blood cells, plasma and platelets to compensate the lost blood.
She was put under observation in the ICU until her vital signs stabilized and regained consciousness. After 3 days, the padding was removed and they made sure that her abdomen is stable before being transferred to inpatient ward in good health, thank Allah. 
It is noteworthy that the 200-bed hospital conducted 2,748 surgical operations and received 37,157 outpatients during the last year.

Last Update : 08 October 2017 08:47 AM
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