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A 3-Year Old Child Walks Easily after 6 Months of Suffering
25 September 2017
By Allah’s Grace, a medical team at Al-Rass Hospital has successfully helped a 3-year old child to move and walk easily after he had been bedridden for 6 months due to a rare lung disease since birth, that made him rely on ECMO machine for about 60% of his respiration. After due medical examinations, a 4-month treatment plan was developed, during which he was gradually trained to be partially disconnected from the ECMO. The plan worked well and his reliance on the ECMO was decreased to enable him move and walk seamlessly.
It is noteworthy that the 250-bed hospital provides a host of therapeutic services in different medical specialties.

Last Update : 01 October 2017 10:03 AM
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