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Maternity and Children Hospital: Cluster Pregnancy Removed
25 September 2017
A medical team at Maternity and Children Hospital - Al-Ahsa has successfully removed a cluster pregnancy. After due medical checkups and tests, the lady and her family were advised of the risk involved. Then, the cluster pregnancy was surgically removed. The ectopic pregnancy was treated through an injection to stop its growth. The lady is still under medication, to follow up the hormone reduction and to ensure the ectopic pregnancy halt. She is now in good health, and is expected to be discharged in two days.

Notably, the Maternity and Children Hospital features 450-bed capacity. It is one of region's maternity and children specialized hospitals. Over the past 8 months, it conducted 3,581 maternity surgeries and 703 children operations.


Last Update : 30 November 2017 01:55 PM
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