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King Khaled General Hospital: Skin Allergy Test Apparatus Secured
25 September 2017
According to Hafr al-Batin Affairs, the dermatological clinic of King Khaled General Hospital has started using a skin allergy test apparatus, to reduce time of allergy diagnostics and test results. The first-of-its-kind device across the region injects allergy triggers into the skin to test skin allergy and determine its triggers.

This most common procedure - also known as (Skin prick test) or (Skin scratch test) measures the immune reaction to 40 different substances at the same time. It is usually used to test allergy to pollens and animal fur.

Notably, King Khaled General Hospital features a 300-bed capacity, 40 specialized clinics, 3 dermatological clinics, a radiology and laser clinic. In 1438H., the hospital served  94,762 outpatients.


Last Update : 30 November 2017 01:52 PM
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