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Health Minister: Integrated Concerted Efforts to Treat Tumors
20 September 2017
The Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah has stressed the need for integration and cooperation between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and all public and private health sectors to provide the best tumor therapy services, calling for concerted efforts by all parties.
In his inaugural address of the Integrated Tumor Therapy Services Forum held in Riyadh today morning, Dr.  Al Rabiah said, "We need to sustain such interaction between all concerned parties to come up with the best results in terms of an ongoing action plan. Improvement is not our sole aim. Rather, sustainable interaction coupled with effective recommendations and a precise implementation plan is more crucial. We need to follow up steps agreed upon. It is nice to see that all parties here are interested to come up with an excellent output in this humanitarian forum, above all. Such outputs should serve our homeland in this regard. The post forum action plan, enhanced with effective outputs that bring in a qualitative shift and a greater launch in tumor therapy, where the Kingdom is achieving considerable progress, commands more importance."
From his part, the Deputy Minister of Health for Therapeutic Services Dr. Tareef Alaama added, "By Allah's Grace, the Kingdom has all principles of success to secure the best tumor therapy services worldwide. We have competent and globally renowned Saudi experts who can work miracles. Also, we proudly have cutting-edge hospitals and healthcare centers across the Kingdom. Our leaders - may Allah protect them - provide all the necessary resources. Accordingly, the Kingdom has the best global tumor therapy services, as long as there is a will, passion and integration. The door is widely open for further improvement to overcome the challenges that lie ahead."
It is noted that the Integrated Tumor Therapy Services Forum organized by MOH features consultants and leaders in both public and private health sectors. The Forum is designed to set standards and regulations of launching tumor therapy departments in various MOH's health facilities as well other sectors. The Forum also seeks to initiate and monitor MOH's tumor therapy services and their related developmental and training plans, in addition to updating manpower and equipment standards of tumor centers and departments, so that they should be able to contribute - in collaboration with private healthcare institutions - effectively to providing top quality integrated medical services in compliance with the latest internationally recognized standards.
The Forum featured four main sessions, dealing with the status quo of the Kingdom's tumor services, challenges, proposed solutions and related recommendations, which were extensively discussed by participating experts and academics.

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