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More than Two Million Beneficiaries of Primary Healthcare Centers- Hail
18 September 2017
According to Hail Health Affairs, primary healthcare centers have received more than two million revisits during the current Hijri year.
Dental clinics at the primary healthcare centers received 135,351 revisits, 74,076 males and 61,275 females; general clinics 1,752,296 revisits, 1,358,790 males and 408,506 females; healthy child clinics 73,200 revisits, 38,064 males and 35,136 females and 45,157 revisits to Gynecology clinics.
It is noteworthy that, during this year, 1438H, Hail Health Affairs has inaugurated two new primary healthcare centers at Al- Kihayfiyah and Um Sarot villages, bringing the number of healthcare centers in the region to 114 centers. 

Last Update : 20 September 2017 02:58 PM
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