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250,000 Files E-Archived at King Fahad Hospital- Baha
14 September 2017
King Fahad Hospital- Baha has launched a Scanning and e-Archiving Project for all of its medical documents and files, to ensure optimal security and protection of patient's personal data. Hospital staff have been trained on file archiving and patients' data updating instead of relying on paper-based files. Already, over 250,000 medical files have been archived.

The hospital's e-Archiving Project aims to reduce the use of paper, and to help doctors have quick access to and share patient's information with concerned medical staff. Also, the project effectively saves the patients’ time.

In addition, the hospital has put in place an e-repository system, with both desktops and laptops connected to the internet. The comprehensive online system includes all medical and administrative procedures, as well as hi-tech services for patients’ confidential data. 

Last Update : 27 September 2017 10:59 AM
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