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Woman's Life and Uterus Saved by Medical Team at Maternity and Children Hospital- Najran
13 September 2017
A team of consultants at Maternity and Children Hospital- Najran has successfully treated a woman, in her 40s with a history of four pregnancies and two cesareans. She was suffering from abdominal pain, C-section wound with severe bleeding and paleness. Upon doing due examinations, an ultrasound scan revealed placenta praevia covering the entire cervix, with a fetal death after 28 weeks of pregnancy.
Immediately, the woman and her spouse were briefed on her critical condition and the urgent need for a C-section and the possibility of hysterectomy to save her life. The team operated on her and managed to control the bleeding after removing the placenta and keeping the uterus, thank Allah.
Then she was transferred to ICU where her condition stabilized before being taken to inpatient ward in good health.
It is noteworthy that such cases involve serious complications, including fetal death, premature birth, hysterectomy and maternal death.

Last Update : 17 September 2017 01:58 PM
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