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Life of Resident Saved by Medical Team at King Abdullah Hospital- Bisha
10 September 2017
A medical team at King Abdulla Hospital- Bisha has successfully saved the life of a 37-year old resident woman who arrived at the emergency department referred from Tibala Hospital. She had a traffic accident that left her unconscious. The was admitted into the ICU and put on the ECMO machine. After due medical examinations, she was diagnosed with loss of sensation especially at the right arm, head punctured wounds, brain trauma, and fracture of C-1 and 2 cervical vertebrae.
The team used the "halo vest" brace to immobilize her head and the fractured C-1 and 2 cervical vertebrae. After her condition improved, she is able to move normally, thank Allah.

Last Update : 19 September 2017 09:03 AM
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