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Emergency Department of King Khalid Hospital- Hail Receives 51,219 Revisits in Three Months
10 September 2017
According to Hail Health Affairs, during the last May, June and July, Emergency Department of King Khalid Hospital- Hail received more than 51,219 revisits, including 35,754 emergencies, poisoning and non-accident related cases, 12,950 emergency surgeries, accidents and injuries, 1,817 traffic accidents cases, in addition to other 698 injuries.
Hail Health aims to develop all the region’s emergency departments, which will be reflected in the level of medical services provided to revisits particularly in the field of emergency medicine. This will contribute to consolidating hospitals' capacity to carry out their mission of providing ambulatory services and handling all emergency cases, using the best technical potential, medical equipment and qualified staff in accordance with the highest standards and specifications to ensure offering top quality services to patients, revisits, as well as emergency and ambulatory cases.

Last Update : 14 September 2017 04:02 PM
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