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Hafr al-Batin Affairs: Health Services to Pilgrims Continued
22 August 2017
Hafr al-Batin Affairs continues its healthcare and awareness programs and services to pilgrims coming via Al-Raq'i - Kuwait border crossing, through Al-Raq'i health control center.
The health control center has been equipped with necessary medical supplies, medical, nursing and administrative professionals. Also, all staff have been urged to facilitate processes for pilgrims, to give a bright image of the Kingdom.
The health control center provides medical and healthcare services, both preventive and therapeutic, as from vaccines, through education and awareness programs for pilgrims at access points,  to healthcare service  old and patient pilgrims. Based on the annual plan of Hafr al-Batin Health Affairs, a highly equipped medical and preventive team is mobilized. All the governorate's healthcare centers offer vaccinations against meningitis and seasonal influenza for prospective pilgrims and various government officers mandated at access points and the holy sites.

Last Update : 24 August 2017 09:25 AM
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