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Emergency Department of King Faisal Hospital-Taif: 68,000 Cases over Past 9 Months
22 August 2017
According to Taif Health Affairs, over the past nine months, Emergency Department of King Faisal Hospital-Taif received 68,235 cases, including 6,233 falls, 1,100 different fighting and 1,792 traffic accident cases, in addition to other morbidity and non-morbidity cases.
“The hospital’s emergency department receives all patients and different types of injuries 24/7. It is supplied with all devices and various medical staff to handle all emergencies. In case of increasing number of cases in the department or during accidents, an internal or external call plan is in action to meet such growing demand for emergency service,” added Taif Health Affairs.
It is noteworthy that King Faisal Hospital –Taif is a modern hospital equipped with cutting-edge medical devices.

Last Update : 24 August 2017 02:12 PM
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