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Riyadh Health Affairs: 100+ Diabetics Recored at Chronic Disease Clinics
20 August 2017
In its third quarterly report on diabetes for 1438H., Riyadh Health Affairs have noted 105,907 outpatients in chronic disease clinics of primary healthcare centers, with 54,763 males (Saudis and non-Saudis) and 51,144 females.
According to the same report, type 2 diabetics (non insulin dependent diabetes, almost 78,307 cases) frequent the centers more often than type 1 diabetics (insulin dependent, about 14,903 cases) and women with gestational diabetes (572 cases).
Likewise, 1,035 children below 15 years of age are diabetic, while individuals 15-44 years of age are ranked second, with 28,628 cases, and 73,467 cases among  persons 44+ years of age; thus ranked first.
The report highlighted some diabetes-related issues due to lack of exercise, malnutrition and smoking. Stats of the past three months show 1,757 cardiovascular, 723 renal, 498 diabetic foot,  945 retinitis, 203 stroke, 1,702 neuropathy, 2,309 sexual problem, 2,768 teeth and parodontial and 762 depression cases. By the end of last Ramadan, new 5,194 diabetic cases were detected.
Remarkably, Riyadh Health Affairs exerts massive efforts through events and awareness campaigns in public places, parks, mosques, schools, malls, public transport stations, airports and railway stations, including 3,500 events organized so far. More than half a million users have been targeted to control diabetes. By Allah's Grace, These activities are expected to educate the community on the importance of exercising, quitting smoking, and primarily avoiding unhealthy food behaviors and habits.

Last Update : 21 August 2017 03:01 PM
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