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Bisha Medical Rehabilitation Center: 24+ Thousand Served Over the Past 7 Months
16 August 2017
According to Al-Baha Health Affairs, more than 24 thousand outpatients have been served by Bisha Medical Rehabilitation Center over the past 7 months of 2017, with 21,770 at physical therapy and 2,380 at occupational therapy departments, in addition to 23 prostheses (artificial limbs).
Also, over 580 medical provisions have been delivered to patients, including crutches, orthopedic shoes, back belts, as well as 34 orthotic devices.
The Prosthetic Department features two highly experienced specialists, with all prosthetic supplies. The Medical Rehabilitation Center of King Abdullah Hospital - Bisha is one of the 3 leading centers launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH), incorporating some departments, including: physical therapy, occupational therapy and prosthetic.
The center also features 28 inpatient bed capacity, with hi-tech hydrotherapy appliances. The center offers advanced services to rehabilitation patients, supervised by a team of professional doctors, specialists and technicians in the field. Likewise, the center serves a vast geographical area covering Bisha, Tathlith, Raniah, Al-Ulayyah and Al-Bashayer. In addition, the center receives cases transfered from Asir and Al-Baha. It is equipped to receive physically disabled, elderly and traffic accidents patients requiring rehabilitative physical therapy.

Last Update : 20 August 2017 10:08 AM
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