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17 Endoscopy Procedures and 175 Dialysis Sessions for Pilgrims at Makkah Hospitals
16 August 2017
According to Makkah Health Affairs, since the beginning of Dhul-Qa‘dah, Makkah hospitals have conducted 17 endoscopy procedures for pilgrims (13 for males and 4 for females), 175 dialysis sessions (113 for males and for 62 females) and one catheterization procedure for a pilgrim woman so far.
“Over the same period, the hospitals have provided their therapeutic services to 3,899 pilgrims of different nationalities who arrived in Makkah, with 271 cases (160 males and 111 females) admitted to hospitals. While the hospitals’ emergency departments received 2,953 pilgrims (1,824 males and 1,129 females), the outpatient clinics served 425 pilgrims (223 males and 202 females). Furthermore, 52 emergency surgeries were conducted to pilgrims (31 for males and 21 for females), in addition to 5 scheduled operations (3 for males and 2 for females),” added Makkah Health Affairs.

Last Update : 20 August 2017 10:13 AM
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