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Dhahran Eye Specialist Hospital: First Femto-Cataract Surgery Successful
14 August 2017
In a qualitative shift, Dhahran Eye Specialist Hospital has successfully done 100 cataract surgeries using femto laser assisted cataract surgery (LENSAR for FLACS).
According to the Eastern Health Affairs, the newly introduced femto cataract device has made cataract surgery safer and more precise. It has almost also reduced the procedure time by half, with only two minutes to perform the key step; i.e. to extract a 5.25D disc from the pleural cavity, then mulch the cataract, and finally make 2.2mm corneal hole. After that, Phaco is used to remove the mulched cataract. Then, a new lens is implanted. This last step takes 7 minutes.
The new device also reduces complications incurred by cataract surgeries. Also, FLACS is very important for cases requiring modern lenses implants, including: MULTIFOCAL and TORIC IOL, while the surgeon's skill commands its due importance to successfully remove cataract, particularly since some surgeries do not make use of Femto Cataract technology, such as minor pupil or corneal opacity associated with cataract.

Last Update : 16 August 2017 08:52 AM
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