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Riyadh Health Affairs: 25 Medical Complexes Closed due to Lack of Specialists
14 August 2017
According to Riyadh Health Affairs, 25 medical complexes have been closed due to their violation of the Law of Private Health Institutions and its executive regulations. Surveillance visits have revealed several violations by dermal and plastic surgery complexes, mainly the lack of a dermatologist. There, the nursing team treats patients and exposes them to laser treatment appliances, which constitutes a clear violation of the Law. These complexes also employ unlicensed staff, lack the minimum stipulated number of professionals, use ill-equipped and unlicensed operation rooms, and provide expired drugs.
In fact, Riyadh Health Affairs has monitored these complexes' promotions in papers and on social media where they stress having professional medical specialists, while the specialized committees have recorded irregularities in this regard the Affairs stresses ongoing regular follow-up of all private health institutions to ensure their preparedness and compliance with the Law requirements.

Last Update : 14 August 2017 03:50 PM
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