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Madinah: Complete Readiness & 24/7 Health Services for Pilgrims
14 August 2017
According to recent statistical data disseminated by Madinah Health Affairs, health documents of 212,130 pilgrims have been reviewed so far to ensure their vaccination against meningitis. Also, 88,587 have received oral polio vaccine.
Likewise, more 6,000 health professionals have been mobilized to ensure pilgrims and visitors' safety, and to provide pilgrims and visitors of the Prophet's Mosque with top-quality medical and technical potentials.  Also, 10 hospitals have been designated to provide health services, while other hospitals remain ready to receive any emergency - may Allah forbid - including: Al-Ansar, Ohud, King Fahd, Madinah Maternity and Children, Pilgrims City (Chest), Khaibar, Al-Henakiah and Al-Hemnah hospitals, in addition to cardiological centers. According to same data, Madinah hospitals feature 2,028 bed capacity, with 1,358 inpatient beds, 114 for ICU, and additional 529 beds for this year's Hajj Season. These hospitals are enhanced by 13 primary healthcare centers equipped with highly qualified specialists and cutting-edge appliances. Air pilgrims, Bab Jebril, Al-Miqat 1-2, Bab al-Majeedi, land pilgrims, King Abdulaziz International Airport, Al-Safiah, Yanbu' seaport, Yanbu' airport, Al-Yutmah and Al-Salsalah centers will be involved in the Hajj plan, while 3 centers will offer permanent healthcare services, including: Qibaa, Ohud and Al-Ansar primary healthcare centers.
Moreover, 300 specialized personnel, 28 visiting staff and 70 health teams have been hired to provide the necessary technical support during this Hajj Season in Madinah.
Madinah Health Affairs has called upon all citizens and residents to take the necessary vaccines before performing Hajj this year 1438H. All vaccines against seasonal flu and meningitis are available at the primary healthcare centers across the region.

Last Update : 14 August 2017 03:30 PM
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