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MOH: Yanbu' Hospital Enhanced with High-Precision Diagnostics and Check-Ups Appliances
10 August 2017
According to Madinah Health Affairs, in line with its ongoing efforts to improve healthcare services to ensure MOH's mission (Citizen's Health First), Yanbu' General Hospital has recently been provided with cutting-edge, high-precision check-ups and diagnostics lab appliances, including a Microscan system for microbiology department, to diagnose blood and bacteria cultures and to detect various pathogenic bacteria.
This system precisely determines the right antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria completely Likewise, the lab has been enhanced with the latest device for hematology department. This system provides blood CBC in two minutes, with 60-sample capacity per hour. It measures blood hemoglobin (anemia), platelets count, white and red blood cells count, clotting and thinning factor, anemia and thalassaemia. The hospital has also been provided with Hb Electrophoresis, a highly precise and fast system, to detect genetic diseases such as anemia and thalassaemia, and to check those planning to get married.
"Yanbu' General Hospital features the latest medical appliances, thus saving time and efforts, boosting productivity, and giving precise results;", MOH stresses, “with more state-of-the-art lab devices to be provided in the period ahead.”

Last Update : 13 August 2017 03:51 PM
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