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1,400 Surgeries at Al-Jouf Hospitals over the Third Quarter of this Year
10 August 2017
According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs General Directorate, the region’s hospitals conducted 1,400 successful surgeries (at a rate of 16 operations a day), with 734 routine and 664 one-day surgeries over the third quarter of this year (2017).
Most surgeries were performed by Prince Mutaib Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital – Sakaka, with 504 cases, while 409 at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital, 165 at Maternity and Children Hospital, 109 at Tabarjal General Hospital, 118 at Suwair General Hospital and 88 surgeries at Domat Al Jandal General Hospital.
It is noteworthy that the region’s hospitals have performed unprecedented quality specific surgeries in the region.

Last Update : 13 August 2017 04:03 PM
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