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Al-Ahsa Health Affairs Implements Teleradiology Project
09 August 2017
Al-Ahsa Health Affairs has successfully implemented the Teleradiology project. This state-of-the-art project seeks to boost radiology services, to enhance radiologists, to improve technicians' productivity, to ensure optima benefit from medical specialists and cutting-edge medical imaging appliances, and - as a result - to advance the quality of cost-effective healthcare services.
Recently, Teleradiology is widely spread in developed countries' hospitals and radiology centers, as well as specialized hospitals across the Kingdom. This type of radiology addresses several challenges and issues, including: the lack of sufficient highly specialized radiology consultants and difficulty to provide advanced professional medical imaging services in peripheral and small hospitals due to to high cost and lack of qualified staff.
It is noted that this project features several stages till the governorate's hospitals have been connected with the radiology department of King Fahd Hospital - Al-Hofouf as the governorate's reference hospital, which provides all general and specialized appliances. The hospital also incorporates the latest various medical imaging equipment, with highly qualified and established specialized radiologists, supported by highly experienced and competent Saudi technicians. By Allah's Grace, the project has successfully secured its objectives, overcome the shortage of radiologists, especially consultants and highly sophisticated specializations across the governorate.

Last Update : 17 August 2017 03:09 PM
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