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More than 390 Outpatients at Madinah Health Sector- Bisha
08 August 2017
According to Bisha Health Affairs, Madinah Health Sector has served 320,888 outpatients, with17,085 at dental, 3,221 at maternity, 14,488 at healthy child and 55,703 at other clinics, including: lab, radiology, gauze and injections.
In fact, Madinah Health Sector (Bisha) features 15 healthcare centers, including 10 government-based, while 3 centers do not offer primary healthcare services as a comprehensive concept. Rather, they have certain limited responsibilities. These centers are (internal airport, On-Duty Bisha and On-Duty Samkh).
The sector also provided 410 educational programs within healthcare centers, including 84 courses at different schools.
Madinah Health Sector also participated in several national and international health events, with 75 awareness activities.
In addition, the sector features three consultation centers, namely: Al-Rawshan Healthcare Center (maternity, children and internal medicine), Al-Mukhattat Healthcare Center 2 (children) and Al-Mukhattat Healthcare Center 1 (E.N.T.). Also, Al-Rawshan Healthcare Center incorporates a specialized clinic for chronic diseases, which is supervised by family medicine specialists. The latest statistical data of 1438H. show that 80.121 individuals have registered in the sector's healthcare centers. Similarly, as shown by same stats, all centers deliver their services in compliance with internationally recognized healthcare standards. Recently, both Al-Rawshan and South Madinah Healthcare Centers have obtained CBAHI accreditation, while 4 other centers are in process of accreditation.

Last Update : 17 August 2017 03:06 PM
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