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Successful Cardiac Surgery at King Abdullah Medical Complex Saves a Youth in her twenties
01 August 2017
By Allah's Grace, the cardiac team of King Abdullah Medical Complex - Jeddah has successfully saved a youth in her twenties. The patient was received by the Complex's emergency in a critical condition; as she had acute heart muscle failure due to mitral valve failure. Immediately, she was put on the ECMO machine to save her life. She had a 10-hours emergency open-heart surgery, in which her mitral valve was replaced. Then was put on the ECMO again and transferred to ICU.
The patient has been followed up for two weeks, during which she was removed from ECMO and her heart regained its full functioning. Thank Allah she has recovered and been discharged in good health.
It is noted that King Abdullah Medical Complex features an integrated team of cardiologists and ICU professionals available 24/7 to patient on ECMO. Shortly, the Complex conduced over 40 open-heart surgeries, as well as various pulmonary operations.

Last Update : 07 August 2017 01:02 PM
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