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Pilot Operation of Hail Mental Health Hospital Starts
30 July 2017
Hail Health Affairs piloted yesterday its new Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Hospital, with 200 bed capacity. Inpatients were moved to the new facility.
According to Hail Health Affairs, this hospital will make a qualitative shift in mental health and addiction treatment services. It has been designed and build according to the industry-adopted standards and requirements to ensure patients’ treatment and well-being. Also, the hospital has been equipped with state-of-the-art medical, psychiatric treatment and diagnostics appliances. The hospital includes an addiction treatment department, a highly-equipped emergency, mental isolation rooms, infection-prevention isolation rooms and life-support machines. It features separate reception units for male and female patients, to ensure patient privacy, in addition to a 24-hour reception desk. The hospital also has fully-equipped standard-compliant ambulances. The outpatient clinics department, with its both specialist and consultation clinics, will operate seven days a week. There are also specialized clinics for men, women and pediatric consultation. The hospital also has two dental clinics, an internal medicine clinic, as well as other departments, including: social services and psychological service for patient rehabilitation and re-integration. The pharmacy department, medical records, radiology and laboratory will operate 24/4 using cutting-edge equipment.



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