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Over Half a Million Outpatients Received by Eastern Hospitals' Emergency Departments
25 July 2017
According to the Eastern Health Affairs, 13 Eastern government hospitals provided emergency services to more than 556 thousand outpatients. During the first half of this Gregorian year, over 362.739 revisits were served by outpatient clinics.
Eastern Health Affairs also confirmed serving increasing numbers of outpatients at their facilities by specialized medical practitioners. During that period, 5.740 surgeries were done, in addition to 10.899 sessions at dialysis centers.
In the same period, the emergency department of Al-Qatif Central Hospital served more than 115.928 revisits, along with over 247.367 cases at outpatient clinics, 1.542 surgeries, and 918 dialysis sessions.
Likewise, Dammam Maternity and Children Hospital received 85.991 revisits by the emergency department, 50.60 cases by outpatient clinics, in addition to 2.578 surgeries and 3.714 births. Al-Nu'ayriyah General Hospital served 49.186 emergency revisits, 23.790 cases by outpatient clinics, 303 surgeries and 2.431 dialysis sessions. Also, Ras Tanura Hospital received 42.001 emergency cases, 15.726 revisits by outpatient clinics, and performed 17 surgeries, in addition to 1.072 dialysis sessions. Urayrah Hospital provided services to 9.770 emergency revisits, 5.836 outpatient cases, and performed 40 surgeries, besides 9 dialysis sessions. Similarly, Salwa General Hospital received more than 15.103 revisits by the emergency department, 3.108 cases by outpatient clinics, and performed 10 surgeries. Al-Batha Hospital served 6.908 revisits by the emergency department and 99 cases by outpatient clinics.
Within the same context, Al-Olya Village Hospital served over 74.698 emergency revisits, 8.193 outpatient cases, and performed 25 surgeries, in addition to 560 dialysis sessions. Also, Safwi Hospital received 32.643 emergency revisits, 19.021 outpatient cases, and performed 41surgeries. As well, Abqaiq Hospital served 23.711 revisits by the emergency department, 14.189 cases by outpatient clinics, and performed 93 surgeries, as well as 1.471 dialysis sessions; while Al-Rafiah Hospital received 9.945 emergency revisits, 14.502 outpatient cases, and performed 67 surgeries, besides 658 dialysis sessions. Furthermore, Al-Khafji General Hospital served over 75.075 emergency revisits, 36.182 outpatient cases, and performed 357 surgeries, along with 1.145 dialysis sessions. Also during the same period, Al-Jubail General Hospital received 42.336 revisits by the emergency department, 21.123 cases by outpatient clinics, and performed 557 surgeries, besides 2.635 dialysis sessions.

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