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First «Inguinal Hernia» Surgery Successful at Badr General Hospital
20 July 2017
Badr General Hospital specialists has successfully conducted the first inguinal hernia surgery for a child aged 1.5 years.
Brought to the hospital by his family, the child was in extreme furor due to server pains in the groin. After the necessary tests and analyses, the child was diagnosed with a hanging right testicle. Due to his acute case, specialists immediately decided to hospitalize him in preparation for surgery. Under general anesthesia, the inguinal hernia of the hanging testicle has been repaired and the right testicle has been pushed and lowered back in sac.  Thank Allah the child has had a successful surgery. Following the improvement in his condition, the child has been discharged from hospital.

Last Update : 24 July 2017 11:23 AM
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