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16 Open-Heart Surgeries and 324 Cardiac Catheterizations in Arar Cardiac Center
19 July 2017
According to the Northern Borders Health Affairs, 16 open-heart surgeries and 324 cardiac catheterizations have been done by Arar Cardiac Center over the past three months. The center has also extended its health and treatment services to (5.649) revisits, three of which were put on the ECMO machine. Thank Allah all have successfully recovered.
It is noted that Arar Cardiac Center serves all Northern Borders patients, in addition to those from neighboring areas referred through medical evacuation (medevac).
In the same vein, 14 cases have been treated using ECMO machine (heart and lung bypass) since its introduction into Arar Cardiac Center a year ago. This service has helped a group of these patients overcome their critical illness conditions.

Last Update : 20 July 2017 12:55 PM
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