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Al-Shefaa Convalescence Hospital (Unaizah) Successfully Rehabilitates a T5 Paraplegic
19 July 2017
Physical therapists of Al-Shefaa Convalescence Hospital (Unaizah) has successfully restored hope to a T5 paraplegic (right-hand side). BY Allah’s Grace, the patient is able to stand up and walk with support of crutches. He can also use his right hand in therapeutic exercise to enhance its muscles.
The T5 paraplegic was referred to Al-Shefaa Convalescence Hospital, where the medical rehabilitation team has successfully rehabilitated him using the state-of-the-art physiotherapeutic devices. Over the past two months, the patient improved by 80%. Thank Allah he is in continuous improvement.

Last Update : 20 July 2017 02:09 PM
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