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Al-Khafji General Hospital Dispenses More than 63,000 Prescriptions during First Half of this Year
17 July 2017
Al-Khafji General Hospital has recently launched a pharmacy at emergency department to serve increasing numbers of revisits, totaling 75,075 during the first half of this year. Meanwhile, more than 63,288 prescriptions were dispensed to emergency revisits during the same period.
According to the hospital's management, the opening of the emergency pharmacy comes within activating communication between pharmacists and emergency doctors on obtainable drugs and their available alternatives. In addition, this will facilitate dispensation of medicines to emergency revisits without having to go to the hospital's in-house pharmacy.  
“As part of the development programs,” added the management, “the radiology department at Safaniya Health Center has been equipped and radiologists have been designated to serve revisits ranging from 250 to 300 weekly. 

Last Update : 19 July 2017 09:38 AM
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