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More than 51,000 Beneficiaries of Health Sector Services in Mahayel
16 July 2017
The Hospital and Healthcare Centers in Mahayel Governorate have provided their health services to 51,000 beneficiaries during last Ramadan. The emergency department served 14.213 cases, including 380 road traffic injuries, while the outpatient clinics served 3.402 outpatients.
Over the same period, the hospital conducted 243 birth cases and 103 operations, of which 91 major and 12 minor surgeries. Moreover, 23,425 lab tests, 4,830 x-ray examinations and 243 kidney dialysis sessions were done, and 867 patients have been hospitalized. In addition, the primary healthcare centers received 32.165 outpatients during the same period.

Last Update : 31 July 2017 08:39 AM
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