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Development Procedures Implemented at King Fahad Hospital in Madina to Reduce Overcrowding in Its Clinics
08 June 2017
In continuation of the efforts carried out by King Fahd Hospital in Madina to improve the quality of services provided there, reduce the pressure and overcrowding in the outpatient clinics and meet the health requirements of patients, the relevant clinics (i.e. endocrinology clinics) will be transferred to Diabetes Center, while other two more clinics are going to be transferred to the center. Besides, five clinics have been supplied with all necessary equipment and medical staff, in addition to waiting rooms for both men and women that have been processed, accommodating up to 60 persons in each room.
Within the same vein, the hospital administration has created a new waiting room inside the outpatient building. This room has been equipped with all amenities and designed appropriately to raise the level of services provided to patients and reduce the overcrowding in clinics.

Last Update : 13 June 2017 03:36 PM
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