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Anti-Smoking Clinics at Hafr Al-Batin Receives 1,607 Smokers
05 June 2017
Smoking Control Program at Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs General Directorate has succeeded in helping a number of 198 smokers quit smoking through the four anti-smoking clinics at Al-Khalidiyah, Al Faisaliah and Abu Musa Healthcare Centers, in addition to Al-Sairah Healthcare Center. These clinics offer a full range of awareness services, medical consultations and treatment services for smokers to help them quit smoking. Besides, full equipment has been provided within these clinics to help smokers quit smoking, including the awareness-raising methods about its deadly diseases, human and economic losses and its impact on the environment. The number of visitors to these clinics amounted to 1,607 smokers, and their treatment programs are being implemented to enable them to stop smoking

Last Update : 07 June 2017 04:52 PM
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