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Unified E-Medical Record for Each Patient at Maternity and Children Hospital in Dammam
29 May 2017
The Eastern Region Health Affairs General Directorate stated that the management of Maternity and Children Hospital in Dammam has completed an integrated e-medical record for each patient from the date of his admission to the hospital until discharge from it. This e-medical record includes the number of the patient visits and the therapeutic plan scheduled for him, the matter which will lead to positive impacts on his safety. It is also equipped with a data analysis mechanism to help physicians and health care providers make any decisions related to patient health.
For its part, the management of Maternity and Children Hospital in Dammam highlighted the launch of its medical program in its final phase, which comprised all sections and departments, including laboratory, emergency, inpatient, operating rooms, pharmacy, radiology and clinics sections. This move comes as part of the unstinting efforts to develop the advanced technology, facilitating e-transactions.
It is worth mentioning that «WE CARE» System is based on a unified database, providing an access to a single user name and making the information entered by any user available directly and securely to the rest users at any stage of the treatment and from any device connected to the hospital network.

Last Update : 07 June 2017 02:46 PM
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