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Success of the First Two Shoulder Arthroscopies at King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk
25 May 2017
Thanks to Allah, the first two arthroscopic shoulder surgeries (or called shoulder arthroscopies) have been conducted at King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk. They have been conducted to two female patients, who had earlier suffered from severe pains due to frozen shoulder (called adhesive capsulitis) after fall on them.
After performing the necessary medical examinations and tests, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) showed a complete rotator cuff rupture in the first case and a partial rupture in the second case. Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries have been conducted to both cases by removing the inflammatory tissues and sewing the rotary tendon. Thanks to Allah, both patients have been discharged from the hospital the day after the surgery and their health condition was stable, given that their treatment will be followed up at the outpatient clinic.

Last Update : 28 May 2017 02:16 PM
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