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Riyadh Health Affairs Directorate Implements Its Training Programs to Develop Competencies
21 May 2017
Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate continues its scholarships and delegating outstanding physicians, specialists, technicians and administrative leaders; in an endeavor to hone their technical skills and promote their educational level, the matter which will enhance the development of the level of health and therapeutic services. These training programs, starting from the middle of last Islamic (Hijri) year until the middle of the current year, include Training and Continuing Education Program, which benefited a number of 30,049 trainees, distributed to 377 training programs over 616 days.
Furthermore, numerous distinctive competencies have been granted scholarships, as the number of delegates amounted to 62 employees from various medical and administrative specialties, while those who have benefited from internal scholarship programs amounted to 247 employees. Besides, a number of 653 employees have benefited from 45 training programs implemented at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), while the number of beneficiaries from the paid training programs amounted to 5,166 trainees. As the number of those who have been granted scholarships amounted to 18 Ph.D. candidates, 224 dentists, 135 pharmacists, 1,193 interns, 12 M.Sc. candidates, 3,376 B.Sc. students, and 280 diploma candidates.
It is worth mentioning that Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate supervises eight accredited skill development centers, staffed with 56 certified trainers. Besides, the hospitals in Riyadh implement a number of 11 fellowships, accredited in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, diabetes, radiology, urology surgery, orthodontics, orthopedics and ENT surgery.

Last Update : 23 May 2017 03:02 PM
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