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King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif Ends the Suffering of Young Man with Urinary Retention for 17 Years
16 May 2017
The urology surgery team at King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif has succeeded in ending the suffering of a young man, who was unable to urinate normally for 17 years. The young man was referred to King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif for making an incision below the patient’s navel to insert a urinary catheter to allow the patient's urine drain freely. Since his childhood, his case was diagnosed as a neurogenic bladder with difficulty in the installation of urinary catheter, and he was suffering from chronic urinary retention, renal hypertrophy, urethral hypertrophy and an increase in kidney functions. Then, the patient has been properly diagnosed, by the urology surgery team at the complex, with a congenital narrowing of the front urethra (urethral stricture). After that, the urethral stricture has been treated and the patient has become able to urinate normally for the first time since birth, May Allah be praised.

Last Update : 17 May 2017 12:10 PM
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