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Rare Case of Woman Saved by Precise Medical Diagnostics at Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs Directorate
08 May 2017
Thanks to Allah, the precise medical diagnosis of Division of Nephrology at King Khalid General Hospital in Hafr Al-Batin has contributed to the detection of a rare case for a woman, who was suffering from disorders after taking high doses of a medication used for regulating the blood glucose levels in the blood.
The patient, aged 51 years, has been admitted to the Emergency Section at the hospital, while she was suffering from diabetic coma and shortness of breath (Bradypnoea) amounted to 60%. She also was suffering from a sharp decrease in the acid-base balance, a high increase in the proportion of toxins inside the body and a sharp drop in blood pressure (Hypotension).
The medical team at the Division of Nephrology handled the case; as artificial respiration was performed to the patient. Then, acute renal failure was detected, which resulted in increased acidity (Acidosis) and irregularity of full functional functions. The medical diagnosis showed that all disorders are due to high doses of a medication used for regulating blood glucose levels in the blood. The medical team performed a blood dialysis and regulation of the vital signs. After a month of treatment and continuous follow-up of the kidney section and ICU, the patient’s renal functions were restored normally, and all vital functions returned to their normal conditions. Thanks to Allah, the health condition of the patient has improved.

Last Update : 11 May 2017 03:13 PM
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