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MOH Publishes Awareness Infographic about Importance of Handwashing
08 May 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has reiterated the importance of handwashing and working to rationalize the use of antibiotics, as well as commitment to hand sanitizing to prevent 50% of infection acquired cases in facilities.
In the awareness infographic the MOH published on its Twitter's account, it said that one in every twenty patients contracts healthcare-related infection, indicating that 32% of surgical interventions end in surgical site infection and 51% of these cases do not respond to antibiotics. It indicated that 56% of neonatal deaths in health facilities is caused by the acquired infection.
It stressed the importance of implementing the effective infection control programs and commitment to prevent the spread of health infection. 
The MOH continues with its efforts to promote health awareness among all members of community and intensify its awareness activities so as to contribute to protecting them against diseases and encouraging them to practice proper health behaviors.

Last Update : 08 May 2017 02:37 PM
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