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Khafji General Hospital Saves the Life of Child with Brain Hemorrhage
08 May 2017
Doctors at Khafji General Hospital succeeded in saving the life of a five-year child and stopping head bleeding as a result of falling from a great height that put his life at risk, thanks to Allah at first place and then immediate response form the hospital's doctor who managed to deal with his health condition.  
The hospital's emergency department received the child unconscious, with difficulty in breathing, vomiting, incised wound in his scalp and bleeding. CPR was performed for him and x-ray test revealed a fracture and bleeding in head, bruises in brain and lung and doctors decided to operate on him immediately and they succeeded in stopping the bleeding and put the bone on its place. He was transferred to the ICU until his condition improved and regained his consciousness fully and became able to eat normally. 

Last Update : 08 May 2017 02:44 PM
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