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4 Cases with Rare Inherited Disease Diagnosed at Laboratories of King Khalid Hospital in Najran
03 May 2017
King Khalid Hospital in Najran, represented by Laboratories and Blood Banks Sections, has succeeded in the diagnosis of a rare inherited disease affecting the platelet known as May-Hegglin Anomaly (MHA). As 4 cases have been diagnosed over the past two weeks by highly qualified medical cadres, and thus the results and reports have been prepared and sent electronically to physicians, in order to clinically follow up the cases and identify the appropriate treatment procedures.
Within the same vein, the laboratories and blood banks sections at the hospital have conducted over the past six months more than 700, 000 laboratory tests to patients at the sections of clinical chemistry and oncology indications, while the number of blood donors amounted to 2,178 donors during the same period.

Last Update : 04 May 2017 03:18 PM
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