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Successful Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Case at Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran
03 May 2017
Thanks to Allah, the Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran has successfully managed to handle a case of a lady in her third decade of life with vaginal bleeding for two days, given that she had given four previous births. She had undergone pregnancy test, which showed positive result and high level of pregnancy hormone in blood, and the abdominal CT scan also showed intrauterine pregnancy and a mass in the left side of the uterus. The transvaginal ultrasound revealed the existence of an intrauterine pregnancy bag, as well as extrauterine or ectopic pregnancy in the left fallopian tube, with blood pooling in the pelvis, and the case had been diagnosed of a joint pregnancy (inside and outside the uterus, with internal bleeding. Immediately, a diagnostic operation was performed on the abdomen, the left fallopian tube was removed, the bleeding was controlled, the abdomen was closed and the uterus was emptied.  Besides, the case was monitored until she has been discharged from the hospital, may Allah be praised.
According to the scientific references, this case occurs once per 30,000 pregnancies, and its diagnosis depends on the accuracy of laboratory tests and ultrasound scan.

Last Update : 03 May 2017 03:20 PM
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