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Development Workshop for the MOH’s Internal Audit Units
01 May 2017
In continuation of the efforts carried out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to activate the works and mechanisms of the internal audit units across the MOH’s health sectors, a workshop has recently been held to develop the internal audit units at Makkah Health Affairs General Directorate. The workshop aims at developing and upgrading the internal audit units throughout the regions, the governorates, the medical cities and the specialized hospitals, as well as increasing the level of communication among these units.
It is worth mentioning that the workshop topics included a review of the vision of the new Internal Audit General Department, its achievements and successes and the definition of its new mechanism of action. The workshop also included training the participating internal audit units on how to develop a risk-based plan. Finally, the workshop concluded with an open discussion session, during which the obstacles faced by the participating units have been reviewed, in addition to the recommendations that are necessary to evaluate and improve the performance of these units.

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