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MOH: Patient Appointments at Counseling Clinics Reduced from 6 Months to 2 Weeks
01 May 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs General Directorate, has announced reducing the waiting times from 6 months in some medical specialties to two weeks. As Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital has been transformed into a reference hospital to receive medical consultations; in an endeavor to reduce the burden and pressure on the hospitals affiliated to Hafr al-Batin Health Affairs General Directorate. Besides, the specialties of ENT and urology have been transferred from King Khalid General Hospital to Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital as a first phase, starting from yesterday, Sunday April 30th, 2017 (corresponding to Sha‘ban 4th, 1438H). While the second phase will be followed for the specialty of neurosurgery on May 27th, 2017 (corresponding to Ramadan 1st, 1438H), and the third phase will be for eye surgery on June 30th, 2017 (corresponding to Shawwal 6th, 1438 H).
The MOH pointed out that Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital will work with its full bed capacity to provide all health services to beneficiaries as a reference hospital in the governorate, meanwhile keeping specialized surgical units for emergencies at King Khalid General Hospital.
It is worth mentioning that the health services indicators at health facilities are currently being reviewed according to the criteria that ensure integrated healthcare (referral outside the governorate, measuring the health staff productivity, increasing the number of one-day surgery and reducing the surgical appointments by developing and expanding the operating rooms).

Last Update : 03 May 2017 03:22 PM
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