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MOH Signs Community Partnership Agreement with Al-Ihsan Medical Charity Society
16 April 2017
His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah signed today, Sunday a community partnership agreement with Al-Ihsan Medical Charity Society in Jazan, to develop a program to support surgical operations outside the official working hours for serving patients registered with the hospitals in the region.
The agreement comes out of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) interest to boost the contribution of the charity sector in the health development and enable the charity organizations to provide developmental services as per the actual needs of citizens at the highest quality. The agreement will make use of capabilities of each party, so as to achieve integration and comprehensive care for the beneficiaries of services provided by the society in accordance with the articles provided for in the agreement.
The agreement also aims at serving patients referred by the society, who have been unable to receive the service in a timely manner or unable to afford it. The MOH deals with them in accordance with its approved medical procedures and policies of the one-day surgery in the specialties of eye surgery, ENT and general surgery.
The agreement lasts for one year, renewable for one period or similar periods at the request of both parties. The initiative comes within the framework of the community partnership program, one of the MOH's initiatives with the aim of activating all segments of society, in order to contribute to the health development and opening new horizons in the relation between the ministry and the society in a way that enhances the health of citizens.

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