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Medical Team at Oyoun Al-Jawa General Hospital Removes Humerus Tumor
16 April 2017
A medical team at Oyoun Al-Jawa General Hospital has managed to end the suffering of a patient, in terms of removing a benign tumor around the bone of the right upper arm (humerus). Thanks to Allah, the surgery has been crowned with success, with the participation of the orthopedic and surgical sections in the hospital.
The patient had been admitted to the hospital, suffering from pain in his right arm. After the medical team had performed the necessary medical examination and tests which showed a benign tumor around the right humerus, they decided to conduct a surgery to the patient. They successfully removed the tumor through a surgery that took about an hour and a half. Then, the patient has been discharged from hospital after recovering.

Last Update : 20 April 2017 03:08 PM
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