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Hospitals in Al-Jouf Conduct 487 Surgeries over the Last Month
13 April 2017
The hospitals in Al-Jouf region have conducted a number of 487 surgeries over the last month of March (at a rate of 16 surgeries a day), all of which have been crowned with success, May Allah be praised.
It is worth mentioning that the operation rooms in hospitals of the region have received a number of 298 regular cases, whom underwent surgeries, while the number of the one-day surgeries amounted to 189 surgeries. Besides, Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Sakaka recorded the highest number of surgeries, which amounted to 184 surgeries, while the number of surgeries conducted at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital amounted to 135 surgeries, 49 deliveries at Maternity and Children Hospital, 42 surgeries at Tabarjel Hospital, 39 surgeries at Suwair General Hospital and 38 surgeries at Domat Al-Jandal. Furthermore, the hospitals of the region have witnessed new qualitative surgeries, conducted for the first time in the region

Last Update : 19 April 2017 03:26 PM
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